Neglet Editorial Services

Diane is thrilled to announce she has joined the team at Angelella Editorial!AELogo

You can hire Diane’s years of writing and editing experience for yourself! In addition to writing hundreds of articles and two reference books, Diane has worked as a proofreader and editor. Whether you need line editing or copy editing (or both), Diane’s well-developed eye can help you polish your prose.

Diane also offers developmental edits (sometimes also called a general manuscript critique). As part of earning her MFA in creative writing, she has studied story structure, characterization, point of view, voice, world-building, and other narrative elements. If you want a broader picture of your manuscript—which elements are working, which can be improved—this is a good option. She is very comfortable working on speculative fiction, having covered world-building in science fiction and fantasy in her critical thesis and graduate lecture. For those writing picture books in poem form, Diane brings her musician’s ear to critiquing not just rhyme but rhythm. She is a wide reader, and enjoys fiction and nonfiction of all types for both children and adults.

For more information about hiring Diane for editorial work, contact Angelella editorial here.

Finally, Diane is an expert in writing critical biographies—the kind of surveys of a person’s life and work that you find in reference works like Current Biography, Contemporary Authors, and Something about the Author. If you need a professionally written and researched personal biography for your website, she’ll be happy to provide examples of what she can create for you.

To contact Diane for more detailed information and rates on biographies, e-mail her at:

diane [AT] neglet [DOT] com


“Diane Telgen is a talented and knowledgeable editor who has given me excellent feedback when it comes to story. Diane is not only the best editor I have worked with, she is a person I wholeheartedly trust to edit my work. Whether it is a MG or YA novel, picture book or poetry, her insight is thoughtful and exact. Because of Diane’s suggestions and observations, my writing is more focused, polished, and stronger.

“I am a member of SCBWI and have submitted work to editors and agents who were guest speakers. I’ve received excellent feedback from most, but Diane’s feedback regarding story-line, character development, scene, conflict, language, and arc is always constructive (both positive and negative), well-thought out, useful, and intelligent. In addition to all of her talents, Diane is an excellent copy/line editor. I never send anything out without Diane checking copy.

“Diane’s critiques guide me as I make the needed revisions. Diane doesn’t just tell me this works/that doesn’t work, she shows me why it doesn’t work and makes suggestions, i.e., ‘plants the seeds’ so I am able to further grow and develop my story. Diane is the best. I am forever grateful for her encouragement and support.”

Katena Lafkas, Ann Arbor, MI