Throwback post: Why I Write for Kids

This was originally posted to my old blog, The Blathering, on June 24, 2008. It still holds up! So, you may be wondering, why do I write for children? Or you may not be wondering, as it’s obvious to most people who know me that my inner 10 year old, the one who loves bad puns and fart jokes, isn’t buried very deep. Actually, it’s a question people don’t seem … More Throwback post: Why I Write for Kids

Throwback post!

Because I have been swamped with my various writing and editing projects, I haven’t made time to add new blog posts on this site. So until my time frees up a bit, I’ve decided to cannibalize my old blog, The Blathering, which I kept active on Blogger from 2008 to 2012. I’m going to feature … More Throwback post!